Jenna Kathryn Alison McLoughlin
Less then an hour old with her Daddy
Jenna arrived January 1 2006 at 1:28 pm
and weighed in at 8lbs.1 oz and 19 inches long

Jenna at 2 weeks

Jenna at 4 weeks
Jenna loves taking a bath

Jenna with her Aunt Sue

Jenna taking a nap with her pop pop

Jenna's first Easter

Jenna at 4 months

Jenna at 5 months enjoying a nice spring day

Our little bathing beauty

Jenna helping to make dinner

Jenna getting ready for Penn State football

Jenna with her Great Grandfather
on his 77th B-Day

Halloween time with
Great Grandmother, Nanny Lenner

With my cousins Cameron,
Kayleigh, and Jozlyn

Thanksgiving and delicious mashed potatoes!

My first Christmas!

Me and my crazy Aunt Carleen

My 1st Birthday!

My Daddy watching me eat cake!

Jenna and I

Thanksgiving 2007

Granny McLoughlin and Jenna

Christmas 2007

2 years old 2008

Bath time

Summer 2008

Riding on Thomas The Train
and a pool party

I get to play with puppies

Jenna's proud parents
our daughter Kerri and son in law Donovan