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When inquiring about puppies by e-mail, or by telephone, please tell us what you're looking for, ie: a pet, show, or obedience prospect.Tell us if you're interested in a male or a female, where you're located at and if you are familiar with Newfoundlands. If you are not familiar with the breed, we will try to help you decide and answer your questions regarding Newfoundlands.

They are not a breed for everyone. They slobber, shed profusely, and need much grooming. They are also riddled with health problems, which can can be very costly to treat.They are a HIGH maintenance breed.We highly recommend pet insurance for a Newfoundland. We prefer to sell to homes that are aware of and can maintain the high cost of owning a Newfoundland

We want to know as much about you, as you want to know about us and our puppies! We are very selective in choosing homes for our puppies.We want to make sure our puppies go to the best homes available. We would like all prospective owners to visit us, our dogs, and our puppies. We want to make sure you and your family are compatible with the Newfs.

All puppies that are sold as pets must be spayed or neutered or go on limited registration. We also require in our contract that if at any time you cannot keep your Newf (for whatever reason), you agree to return the dog to us.

Our interest with a new buyer does not end with a sale. We love to keep in touch with our buyers. And we will continue to help you with any questions or problems you may encounter with your puppy or adult Newf.